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United Network System (UNS) provides a wide range of value-added Information Technology (IT) consulting and custom solution services in Hong Kong. Our experienced Consultants and miscellaneous products allow us to deliver high-quality, on- schedule services to our Clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

UNS's Clients, due to their growth and range of automation needs, require specialized information technology support that is either not available internally or does not justify permanent increase in personnel. Because of our Staff's determination to continually deliver on-schedule, cost-effective, and quality services, positive long-term Client relationship are developed. These relationships form the base of our business from which we continue to pursue new Clients and projects. This concept has resulted in many successes and significant growth in our organization.

Services performed by UNS include: application systems development and maintenance, IT architecture and engineering, systems consulting and training, project outsourcing and general support services. UNS supports all major computer technology platforms (mainframe, mid-range, client/server and network environments) to implement Clients' projects. UNS serves Clients involved in designing, planning, implementing, training and monitoring.

UNS emphasizes long-term relationships with Clients. UNS believes that its culture, philosophy and values are the foundation of its success and the basis for continued growth. Since our founding in October 1999, UNS has been provided professional services to over 700 Clients including banking, financier, education, commercial and trading, catering, retail and individuals.

In order to sustain our high commitment to quality, it is necessary to have a dedicated team of leaders. UNS's executives are committed to UNS's quality processes. As a Professional company, we keep detailed procedures for maintaining and continually improving our service and product quality. Our executives make it their business to continually look for areas of improvement in all aspects of UNS.

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